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Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections involve injecting a medication such as lidocaine or sterile saline into a “trigger point” – an area of painful, tight, and shortened muscle tissue. It is thought to work by neurologically resetting the muscle, thus enabling it to relax and lengthen. Once released, normal blood flow is reestablished, thereby washing away inflammatory toxins and restoring proper nutrition to the muscle resulting in pain reduction.

Acute trauma or repetitive microtrauma may lead to the development of a trigger point


  • Lack of exercise, prolonged poor posture, vitamin deficiencies, sleep disturbances, and joint problems may all predispose to the development of micro-trauma.
  • Occupational or recreational activities that produce repetitive stress on a specific muscle or muscle group commonly cause chronic stress in muscle fibers, leading to trigger points.
  • Acute sports injuries caused by acute sprain or repetitive stress (e.g., pitcher’s or tennis elbow, golf shoulder), surgical scars, and tissues under tension frequently found after spinal surgery and hip replacement may also predispose a patient to the development of trigger points.