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 At Mountain View Rehabilitation, we specialize in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine treatments for orthopedics. We’re in the business of getting our patients moving again. For all of us, young or old, having our limbs and joints moving as they should is fundamental to enjoying life to its fullest. We specialize in nonsurgical orthopedics, diagnosing and treating injuries that affect our patients in their day to day lives. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior or just want to gain back lost mobility and freedom of movement, we can help.

Unlike a lot of clinics, we understand how important it is take the time to thoroughly evaluate each and every patient. This includes assessing their neuromuscular system, joint articulation and any bio-mechanical deficiencies that can lead to injuries or degenerative conditions.  Once evaluated, we establish a plan to address any issues, which may include physical therapy; we feel that exercise is medicine, and is a critical component in the comprehensive approach to healing.

If conservative treatment alone is not adequate, interventional injection treatments are considered.  We use the most effective nonsurgical treatments available, including the family of Regenexx® procedures.  Regenexx® stem cell therapy and platelet procedures are the world’s most advanced, nonsurgical orthopedic injection therapies for common joint injuries, including tendon and ligament injuries such as rotator cuff tears, and degenerative conditions, such as osteoarthritis. We also provide more traditional injection and interventional treatments for pain.  For all of our interventional treatments, we use fluoroscopic and ultrasound guidance in order to treat the injury with precision.

Let Mountain View Rehabilitation get you back to moving healthfully and happily.

Orthopedic Medicine


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Specializing in the non-invasive treatment of a broad spectrum of sports related injuries.

Regenexx Procedures

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Stem cell and platelet procedures for joint injuries and degenerative conditions.

Advanced Imaging Guidance


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We utilize MSK ultrasound for diagnostics and all precision injections

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Learn About the #1 Stem Cell Procedure for Treating Joint Injuries, Arthritis, Spine Pain & Other Orthopedic Conditions.

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The Blood Injections That Might Transform Orthopedics – The New Yorker

The Blood Injections That Might Transform Orthopedics – The New Yorker.

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No More Knife: The Stem-Cell Shortcut To Injury Recovery | Outside Online

No More Knife: The Stem-Cell Shortcut To Injury Recovery | Outside Online.

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Serving Sacramento and Northern California’s Premier Orthopedic Stem Cell Treatment Center – Grass Valley, CA Office.

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