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ImPACT Concussion Testing

One in 10 high school students who play contact sports will suffer a concussion this year. Knowledge on concussions has grown significantly over the last several years, both in diagnosing and in treating this injury. Neurocognitive testing has become a very effective tool for both diagnostics and treatment of concussions. ImPACT testing is one of the leaders in the business.

A baseline test is recommended prior to the start of the season. If an injury is suspected, a thorough history and exam are crucial to making a diagnosis. ImPACT can help with the confirmation of the diagnosis. ImPACT can also help guide the treatment pathway and in addition help with the decision process involving academic needs after a concussion.

Baseline testing is not mandatory however. ImPACT testing after a suspected concussion can still be helpful in diagnosing and treating a concussion even if a baseline study has not been done.